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I am excited to announce that "Guardian of the Trade" has been published on Amazon and Kindle Ebook. 

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  • Claude (Friday, January 25 19 12:48 pm EST)

    Opener of Doors (Book 3) continues this great series. Zeal's cracking of the hidden passage had us on the edge of our seats. Great suspense, life lessons, deep character development and creative science fiction applications have us dreaming about communicating via battle mind and travelling within trees. "As you should" has become a catch phrase in our home! Well done. Can't wait for more!

  • Dotti Snow (Friday, January 04 19 07:01 pm EST)

    Jim, your third book is the best yet. We all are enjoying the series.

  • Claude Dykstra (Thursday, September 20 18 02:30 pm EDT)

    Just finished reading both books as our bed time read aloud's. Practitioner of the Arts had the boys (10y and 13y) mesmerized. Great stories and characters. Can't wait for Book 3!

  • Lisa M. (Monday, November 06 17 05:03 pm EST)

    Very excited about the new book! Really looking forward to seeing what Zeal will get up to in Book 2.

  • Brenda Robinson (Monday, July 24 17 11:47 am EDT)

    I loved the book! Its a good adventure for all ages. Anxious for the other books!

  • Terry Larson (Thursday, February 09 17 10:58 pm EST)

    Purveyors & Acquirers is not the genre I would normally choose to read. That being said, I really enjoyed the book & look forward to your second book. Congratulations!

  • Robb (Tuesday, December 27 16 11:29 am EST)

    Enjoyed your first book and look forward to reading next book in the series

  • Dotti Snow (Monday, November 21 16 12:39 pm EST)

    The book is great! I really wish we did not have to wait a year for the next one. Can't you write any faster?
    PS Another oneupman on grandkids---mine are all reading your book!

  • David Lewis (Wednesday, November 16 16 05:42 pm EST)

    Cool Beans! I just heard the news. Congratulations Dr. Macon!

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